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kawan ummi

Rabu, 31 Mac 2010


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n3 mlm ni nak buat award dari ira geng dari jmc

1) Thank and link the person that give u the award
thanks ira bagi top blogger 2010 ni...cayang kat ira.

2) Pass this award onto 20 bloggers you've recently discovered and think are fantastic.

nak bagi kat siapa ek,sebab dah ramai blogger dah dapat award ni.nantilah ummi tgk2 yg belum dapat award.

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Isnin, 29 Mac 2010

johor mom's club tea party

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ari sabtu ni ada potluck jmc kat umah ayu kat setia tropika,tak sabo nak jumpa mom's jmc.walaupun ari2 berforum ngn dorg.mari kita gegarkan umah ayu ari sabtu ni.

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Khamis, 25 Mac 2010


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Lucky Draw

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Big Prize: Princess Stainless Steel Food tray set + Heart & Star Boiled Egg Mould Set (worth total RM101)
Consolation Prize:
Heart & Star Boiled Egg Mould Set + Snow white Bio Face Mask (worth total RM35.50)

There are 2 ways to participate
first way is purchase from our website between Mar 19 to Apr 3 and you will stand a chance for the lucky draw
Second way blog about this lucky draw. If you purchase online and also blog about this lucky draw, that’s mean you get 2 chances to win the lucky draw
Blog about this lucky draw between Mar 20-Apr 3. Attached 2 links in your blog
one is , another one is , please also tell us
1.what you like about our blog or website
2. What you products you wish to see more in the future
then come back this post and at the comment there leave the link that you blog about this lucky draw and you stand a chance for this lucky draw.
If there is anything not clear or not understand, feel free to let us know.
Winners will be announce between Apr 4- Apr 7.

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